Chief Director :   HIROSHI ICHIGAYA
Outline of Career:
Aug, 1947   Born in Saitama Prefecture  
Mar, 1970 Graduated from Waseda University,  Faculty of science and engineering
Apr, 1970 Joined with Sony Corporation
Jun, 1991  Retired from Sony Corporation
Sep, 1991 Established SEFT Development Laboratory Co., Ltd. Took position of the chief director and president
 Jun,2005,Established Kuchofuku  
         Co.,Ltd (Japan).
        Took position of the chief
           director and president.

President&General Manager

PH. Dr Guo Zhen  

Outline of Career:

Oct, 1963 Born in Shenyang city.  
Jul, 1987 Graduated From 

              Northeastern University 

(Northeast University of Technology )

Mar, 1994 Graduated From Japan Electricity Ventilation University (Ph.Dr)  
April, 1996 Joined with SEFT 
Development Laboratory Co.,Ltd.(Japan) 

 Mar, 2005 Took position of the President&General Manager of Dongguan HongMing Air-Conditioning Clothes Ltd.

Company Profile:Dongguan HongMing Air-conditioning Clothing company Limited produces and sales  the A/C Jacket Series(air conditioned clothes)products . Simultaneously is the manufacture and sales the A/C Jacket only one company in the world.

The company has one group of  the high development ability personnel.  The [A/C Jacket (air conditioned clothes)]  series products,  They are green to the earth and good to environmental protection, saves the energy. It's low in price, convenience and comfortably. Safe and reliable.Using widly. Is protects the nature, the improvement work and the living conditions, enhances people own comfortable degree the best environmental protection product. The product has many world patents and the registered trademark, best-selling the world, specially countries and area and so on Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Europe and America. 
     President & General Manager Ph.Dr. Guo Zhen takes along all staff to welcome the people from all countries to come to visit  and  Discussion business.

                                                     Business philosophy:
            User satisfaction is an objective.
            The creation value is a goal.
             Establishes the first-class international enterprise!

Corporate culture: 
Highly effective, Unity--Team
          Desirably, Innovation --Technology
             Develops the market  --Strives for a greater achievement!