What's heating clothes ?

Heating clothes is a product which made of  activated carbon heater  can release far infrared

 emission by lithium batteries warming the body.

Abaut heater :

 The heating product our company produce is not using hotline but the heater which made of  activated carbon that can release far infrared.So it does no harm to the body .but also a product which  can protect the health of the user.

As the user feel warm,the far Infrared is releasing the useful energy to the body .The heater is soft and it can be bent along the body so that the body can move free ,The warmness is not easy to run away

Abaut  far  infrared :The far infrared can expand the capillary and improve the circulation of the blood and strenthen the regeneration of the cells and it is also antibacterial

The main function of the far infrared :

Thermal effects :it can keep the temperature of the human body  a proper state.

Promoting growth :can promote human metabolism

Natural purification:Promoting the circulation of the body's blood,So that forming a balanced supply of nutrients


Moisture effect: :Keeping the human body  most appropriate water.


The composition of Heating clothes :

The composition of Heating clothes is made up of clothes,heater, battery ,and charger.



The design of battery


Temperature setting and battery remaining quantity is straightforward .


There are 4 temperature options  to choose


Whether you are in office or outdoor ,you can choose the suitable temperature with the environment,It can be easily set using a botton.


The comparison of the heating jacket :