The main reason of  not sleeping well in summer is that sleep on the bed .The temperature and moistrue warming up the mattress  but the warmness of  the contact part of the body can not radiate .

  The key to solve this problem  is that can not allow  physical to cantact mattress.that is floating  in the air . If  the body float  in the air .the air will flow between the body and mattress,So that the feeling of hot can not sleeping will disappear.

With many years of studying .The head company of SEFT in japan,successfully developed "air bed" which based on body weight can supported without affecting the flexibility of super -mat  technology.

◇ The structrue of air-condition bed


Air-condition bed is composed  by  the fan,super mat and the cover of the supe-mat

 The space which formed by the mat .under and above the fabric called wind direction .The fan  blows a lot of air in the wind road .The wind will release  by the mesh.