In the human body has the ideal cooling system------Physiological air conditioning, because the sweat evaporation causes body surface's temperature drop. After intense movement, the human body each hour's perspiration quantity may achieve above 1000cc, if all evaporates this 1000cc sweat, the steam heating may carry off 580 kilocalories quantity of heats. This digit had indicated the physiology air-conditioning system has the very strong cooling capacity, the quantity of heat which continuously was equal in carrying off has carried on when one hour heavy physical labor produces (480 kilocalories). At the same time, the perspiration quantity controls by the cerebrum, when necessity the human body will perspire.


But human body's physiological air conditioning has a problem, this question lies in human body oneself not to be able to cause the sweat to evaporate, but causes the sweat to pause in the body surface, therefore person's shell temperature cannot drop fully. 


What can solve this problem is the air conditioning clothing! The air conditioning clothing can cause in vitro the air massive along the body surface split flow, thus causes the sweat instantaneous evaporation. Thus, the human body may become the true physiological air conditioning. When this physiological air conditioning is at the normal movement the condition (sweat is at evaporates continually condition), no matter the perspiration quantity is more or less, can guarantee that must measure consistently with the human body. The reason is if the perspiration quantity must measure the youth compared to the human body, the body temperature rise, under cerebrum's control, the perspiration quantity increases, thus enables not the enough part to supplement. On the contrary, when must measure the human body are more than, the fall of bodily temperature, the perspiration quantity reduces. 


Therefore, if the use air conditioning clothing, may cause the user to be at the most comfortable condition.